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Baroque Bead

Tribal Goddess

Oriental Inspiration Challenge Bead Finalist

As shown in November 2005 issue of Beads Etc...Magazine

Wintersun flower bead

Baroque Bead

Dragons Eye Bead

Gorgeous "Summer Wine" bead set (dark amethyst) over periwinkle & pink, green, yellow & orange dots, leaves & flowers

Antient relic hollow bead

Cosmic Barrel Bead

Twisted Bicone

Organic Bicone Focal...silvered turquoise, copper green & violet....sold

This bead was made into a sterling silver necklace and sold....see gallery jewellery for finished piece

Encased flower bead

Ivory Goddess

Feature Lentil

" Spirit Flowers "

This gorgeous bead set is in teal over turquoise with violet & amethyst dots & Leaves & flowers

"Valhalla" artglass bead in Gaffer glass

Midsummer Nights Dream Challenge Bead Finalist

As shown in January 2006 issue of Beads Etc... Magazine

"Tigerlilly" encased floral

Nina's Garden Floral Focal

Midsummer Nights Dream Challenge Bead Finalist

As shown in January 2006 issue of Beads Etc...Magazine

Ivory Goddess Bead

Flattened Bicone

Lovely lentil flower bead set, dark amethyst & med grass green with Raku frit....sold

Seafoam series feature lentil bead

Hollow Floral

Beautiful organic Oracle Bead...silver foil, copper green, amethyst & violet on khaki....sold

Pink swirling Tab bead

Feature Round Bead

Oracle Bead....transparent pink on encased silvered pink......sold

Another in the Oracle bead series, rich encasing over silvered pink & surface frit decorations.....sold

Tidepool feature lentil bead

This lovely organic barrel bicone sold at Auction on Ebay...a different colour palate - great fun to make....sold

Amazon bead - rich swirls of frit & silver & surface dots in a lovely bottle shape....sold

Druid's trail feature bead

Luscious Lentil feature bead...large lentil in pinks & aqua's with silver foil & raku frit....sold

Encased Floral - amethysts violets & turquoises....sold

Jupiter's Moons feature tab bead

This small flattened bicone shows the gorgeous glass reactions after a multicoloured twisty has been applied...sold

Another example of a small flattened bicone with the same twisty applied as above...sold

Ivory dot vessel

Organic flattened bicone bead...silvered....sold

Baroque bead

Dicroic feature Lentil

Octopus bead 1....inspired by Octupus tentacles...sold

Olivine bead set

Dicroic Slider Bead

"Alisha's Wheel" large holed disk bead....NFS

Talisman bead

Dicroic feature Lentil

Octopus bead 2......sold

Rich hollow bead with surface decoration

Large hole Slider bead

Beautiful Baroque Bead - sold


Star Disc Slider Bead

WinterSun Floral in violets & rich pinks....sold

Grass Green Barrel bead with goldstone used in jewellery design

Coral Reef Lentil

"Faere Realm" Hollow bead in transparent pinks....sold

Small organic barrel reaction bead...sold

Encased Floral

Organic Barrel beads....silvered....sold

Cosmic bead....fabulous swirls encased in clear - sold

Exotic Barrel

"Hidden Valley" feature floral bead....sold

Small organic barrel bead,used in Eclectic Charm Necklace in Jewellery section

"Princess" Baroque bead

Organic Barrel Bead....I loved this one so much I had to keep it!!!

Zoe's Flowers

Oracle Bead.....encased silver, teal, amethyst tab bead....sold

Amelia's Wheel

Gorgeous green silvered organic focal bead...sold

"Earthmother" Baroque Bead

some early beads that I made....all sold

Bubble bead in violets & aqua's

turquoise beads with lavender frit and flattened dot beads.....these beads are availabe by order

Earthmother organic Bicone

Frit bead samples....dark amethyst with raku frit & copper green with raku frit

Rich amethyst hollow bead

Rich Baroque bead used to make a Bead Tassle (on gallery jewellery page)

"Faere Realm" bead set

Mosaic bottle bead

Caterpiller bead


Small baroque feature bead


Encased floral bead

Organic Bicone bead

Teal hollow bead with surface frit & swirls


Wintersun floral bead

Cane fire genie bottle bead

Seafoam Tab feature bead

Rockpool Lentil bead

Seafoam small feature lentil bead

Nikita's dream encased lentil

From time to time I will repeat a similar style or type of bead, sometimes I will follow the same colour combinations, but I do prefer to allow the creative process to take me over and for my beads to evolve of their own accord. Such is the nature of working with glass - and of my organic beads that they are very hard to repeat and that my techniques, styles and colour combinations are continuously evolving. This is creativity at it's best.

If you are interested in a similar bead....please contact me to see if I can repeat it or even improve on the style or sign my contacts form to receive regular updates, newsletters and information about my website, and also check my "artglass Beads" page regularly for new beads for sale.


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